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Mar 4, 2005
KatSkratch said:
So, I got tired of a "police state" forum I was on where seconds could elapse and "whoops, there goes your post... you broke rule #10,000,001" ... and it looks like I found my way here. I take it I am actually ALLOWED to get pissed off here??

Well, I am pissed off! Although I am in all actuality a kind and gentle soul... really, I am :)

Anything I should know before I post? Is body armor of any kind necessarY?
Yeah pissed off is what were all about. Plus fucking with idiots.

Welcome aboard.


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Aug 28, 2005
I got a new boob job. Should they sign in on this post? I learned how to type with my nipples and everything! I was thinking about buying them premium accounts. One for each of course. I don't want them fighting. But, since the right one came out bigger, I will let her post more. Good little right nipple.
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