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  • Was awarded the job, now the work begins nailing down the contracts and scopes for subs....Good thing the Government has plenty of money, not many other big jobs happeneing right now.
    Crying maybe, well tears of laughter over you're childishness. At least I know I beat you so bad this was you're only recourse to feel like you won, lol.
    I think it is funny as hell Bender had to show he is pissed off by editing my profile again, no self-control at all.
    If you let one or even many bad experiences turn you into an ogre, then you have been beaten in more ways than one.
    All kids can be pretty mean, they learn the social power strugle pretty well and anyone who seems weak and unprotected by a group will become a fast target more often than not.
    Icon Feels really bad about scaring eddo this morning......" LMAO!!!!!! :)
    You know what, Louis....that was an honest attempt from you. I will give you that. In light of recent events, I still do consider myself to be a fair person.

    I have a lot of other things rolling around in my mind at the moment, and I will give your proposal the consideration it deserves. I will think on it and give you an answer on Monday.

    And I do thank you. Have a great weekend.
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